Deer Stalking and Hunting in the Highlands of Scotland

Deer Stalking and Hunting in Scotland : C&S Farrell Sporting Breaks

Terms and Information

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The price of your week includes:

  • Choice of Accommodation
  • Visitor's firearms permit
  • Transport to and from hunting areas
  • Services of a professional guide

The price of your week does not include:

  • Trophy charges
  • Cleaning and preparation of trophies
  • Rifle Hire and Insurance cover
  • Lunch
  • Dinner wine and Alcoholic drinks
  • Carriage to Client(s)
  • Carriage to Taxidermist
  • Airport Transfers


A deposit is required as booking confirmation for both hunting guests and for a non hunting guests. For full details on deposits please contact us
Payment may be made by the following methods:  

a. Directly from your bank to our bank through the Interbank system

b. By cheque drawn on a UK bank

Please note: that all payments must be made in a negotiable sterling instrument. Bank charges arising from the transfer of funds will be payable by the client. Payment of the initial deposit should be sent within 14 days in order to confirm the booking. The final balance is required two clear calendar months before commencement of your hunting week.


Should you wish to take a weeks stalking with us, please contact us by email giving your details and when you would like to come to Scotland. Once a booking has been agreed, and terms and conditions are deemed as being accepted. The booking will be provisionally reserved in your name pending payment.



In the event of a cancellation and where the booking can be re-let. Payments will be refunded less administration fee. We therefore recommend that clients take out holiday insurance against cancellation because deposits or final payments will be forfeit if we are unable to re-let your week.


Our trophies cover all Roe buck, Red & Sika deer up to medal class.

Trophy preperation includes cleaning and cutting the skull long nose, trophies are then boiled and finished in 90% peroxide.
Arrangements can be made with our taxidermist to shoulder mount that extra special trophy.

Potential medal Animals remain in Scotland after the hunt for the full drying out period and CIC calculations for a medal.

Once a medal and certificate is awarded the trophy is sent to the client or handling agent after payment of the medal and the assessment fee plus a charge for the postage to the clients account.

Due to new security regulation All our clients have their trophies sent by post, carrying trophies on any Aircraft is now forbidden as they are not allowed as cabin baggage and can be badly damaged if packed in a suit case, trophies in a suite case have been confiscated when passed through security x-ray prior to boarding.

Once the trophies are prepared they will be packed with protection bubble wrap, the box will be checked for weight and charged accordingly to the clients account, on receipt of payment the trophies will be sent by currier to the client direct or to the clients handling agent we recommend clients take out insurance for the posting of trophies in case of loss.

Trophy fees and any other extras must be cleared at the end of your hunting week and prior to departure.

Please contact us for full details on trophies and costs.


Clients who are members of the European Union are requested to send their European firearms pass to be stamped and dated by the Police authority for the period they will be hunting in Scotland.

Once the application is completed the EFP, along with the issued UK visitors permit will be returned to the client or direct to the Agent acting on their behalf.

Please allow a minimum of six weeks for this process to take place, please also indicate by make calibre & serial number which rifle or shotgun you will bring to the UK as these details will be added to the Visitors permit.


Each hunter will require adequate insurance cover for personal accident, public and third Party liability and any eventualities connected with his or her hunting trip, this cover can be aranged on request, a booking can not be accepted without insurance cover.


The stalker or guides decisions and instructions during hunting are Final. Clients are asked to shoot when conditions are favourable. Penalties will be raised for damaged meat caused by bad shooting, wounded or lost animals will be charged in full, stalkers and specially trained dogs can spend several hours trying to recover a wounded animal.


If an animal is well stalked and presented at a shootable range and then missed, the rifle will be checked for accuracy or any faults. Excessive misses will incur the standard charge of that particular animal.

Please do not hesitate to inform us of any special needs, especialy diet.

Good Hunting !